18 Steel Golffighter’s

Green Art Edition

a unique collection, which was created from the combination of passion
for the game of golf with love for the Polish contemporary art
of the gallery owners Qesa and a brilliant talent of a sculptor
Anthony Walerych recognized in the world.


The original appearance and well-captured movement expression of Golffither places the sculpture on the top of the ranking
of sports icons and enters the pages of the history of art. Consistency, uniformity and synthetic nature of the firm, angular
gestures formed from simple steel elements, delight and cause electrifying emotions.
Steel - hard material, which raises horror in history - here, in the hands of the sculptor becomes a melody allowing
to create objects of enduring value. Golffither – a realistic character of the surreal appearance with the spirit
of a fighting samurai – it is the easiest way to describe briefly this beautiful sculpture, which was created in Wielkopolska.

History of Qesa galery

It happend that a devotee of the country of the Rising Sun, in love with a Polish - but not only - contemporary art, meeting
on her business path a golf enthusiast, decided to combine her love for art with a passion for sport.
She is a woman full of passion and energy, successfully managing the company and tirelessly promoting native art
and design for years. She has initiated the creation of new spaces to the existence of the relationship between
business and art and new channels to establish a dialogue between these two worlds. She is a creator of the cultural
salon and meetings from the cycle 'the marriage of art and business' which have already had their tradition.
The founder of V.A. Galleys Poland - gallery offering beyond the traditional art forms, innovative arrangement concepts
as well. She is the initiator of the project OnOff- dedicated to decorating industry. She is a curator of numerous
exhibitions, promoter of a unique design called 'Rent an Artist', tirelessly revealing talents and reviving geniuses.
He -an inventor and entrepreneur - Genaral project designer. Professionally associated with construction projects
and tourism industry, previously associated with the liquid fuels market and trading and marketing of FMCG.
He is the author and creator of the brands: Villa Urbano, REBANK, Chateau Village and BOP. He is a chairman of the board
of several real estate companies,the offices of documentation of development projects, the urban planning and law office
and the office of the investment service. In 2009, during a conference in Naterki he fell in love with golf. He was bewitched
by a green carpet, intertwined with 18 flags, with majestically moving players, has become an inspiration for the game,
promoting the sport and a new investment.
His passion and her mission has initiated a new business and the first edition of so called green art.
This is the way Qesa was founded - Quality Express Sport Art

Anthony Walerych

„A golf swing with tension gradually building up naturally evokes the desire
to convert movement into sculpture. Praying hands folded when first touching
the ground. Solemnly and slowly raising the club to accumulate energy.
Harmoniously changing body posture with muscles adapting to movement towards final
release of tension. All these gestures definitely inspire a genuine sculptor.
Artist’s major challenge here consists in expressing tension.
The secret is to articulate the overwhelming will to hit the ball while shaping a calm and
balanced silhouette of a player.”


18 Steel Golffighter's - Green Art Edition is a limited collection.
This collection was ordered by Quesa Gallery, the Golffighter's art dealer A.Walerycha.
The Golffighter's steel sculptures are delivered to collectors for an extra fee.
Each sculpture has got an individual number of the product and the origin certificate.
In order to purchase the Golffighter's item you are supposed to make a deposit in the Gallery.
The final price of the piece of art depends on the order of making a deposit.
All the terms of a turnover are coordinated individually.